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Recovery Through Transformation



I wondered what would be the perfect topic to start this new year and the answer came instantaneously. Meditation of course!! There are so many myths about meditation which prevent people from continuing with or even starting this wonderful practice, when it really is a very simple, personal experience.


  • You have to sit in specific positions with certain hand postures. - This may be true for advanced meditation but is absolutely not true for beginners. Any position is fine as long as you are comfortable, but it can be a good idea to have your back straight, as this allows your energy to flow more easily. This allows anyone of any age and health to meditate. In fact, anyone who suffers with any illness would greatly benefit from meditation.

  • You have to clear your mind of all thoughts. - This is absolutely not true and is virtually impossible for most of us. Thoughts will naturally come up and this is completely normal. All you have to do is bring yourself back to your anchor point each time a thought takes your attention. This means for example, bringing your attention back to your breathing or your mantra.

  • You are meditating incorrectly. - Again this is not true either. At the very least, your body gets some calm and relaxation which can only be of benefit in our frantic, stress-filled lives. This point, of all the points above, causes a lot of frustration, which is the exact opposite of what you want to achieve. In my opinion there is no correct or incorrect way of meditating. It is as personal and individual as you are and there should be no pressure at all to meditate in any particular way.

Meditation, when carried out regularly for just 15 minutes a day, boosts your immune system , brings balance to your body, increases wellbeing, decreases stress and so much more and really should be an essential tool in caring for ourselves in our ever hectic lives.

So at the beginning of this new year, make meditation your new habit and fill your life with more peace, joy, health and renewed vitality.

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