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Holding Hands


Empowering Health, Empowering Lives


On my healing adventure since 2013, I learned how to discover & resolve the underlying causes of chronic symptoms and effective, natural, safe ways to release stress, anxiety, pain & trauma, through the mind, body & spirit. I did not set out to learn this. It was what I needed to heal my own pain & past trauma for good. My adventure led me to a completely different understanding of who I am & how I work.


You are more than your body. You are consciousness on levels of your mind, body & soul. An approach that only looks at your physical body, misses many aspects that are important in resolving chronic symptoms.

Your thoughts, beliefs, values, learned patterns, stored neuro-biological & subconscious stresses & disconnection from Essence, affect your physiology, health & wellbeing. A bio-psycho-social -energetic approach addresses your whole being.

We cannot separate our mind, body & soul. It's just how we work!

Epigenetics & neuroscience now show that we are affected by both our internal & external environment & is proven through scientific research.

                                 On some level we know this.

Health, happiness & joy

You stay stuck in suffering & managing symptoms because of the missing aspects of the current approach & because  you have never been taught or shown that it is possible to resolve chronic symptoms from the underlying causes.


                                      It's a completely different, often surprising & empowering experience!

'' When I started working with Kuljit, I was in a bad way with severe fibromyalgia. I was hardly able to leave the house as I was in constant pain & I was exhausted, dizzy, nauseous & incredibly confused most of the time. I couldn't work & could just about look after my children. After 6 months, my symptoms improved by 90%. I am now walking every day for at least 15 mins. I am back ready to work, my children & I are hugging & laughing together & I have reconnected with my friends. I have cut down my medication from 9 tablets a day to just one & I am enjoying life - something I thought would never happen again.'' 



We know that when we are more connected, have positive, encouraging thoughts, we feel happy and everything feels easier. When we are low, stressed or upset, with cycling negative thoughts and feelings , everything feels so much harder and more painful. We cannot separate our body, mind or spirit. It's just how we work!

It is a real privilege and delight to empower families with these simple to learn but powerful, practical and playful techniques, to enrich lives with greater health, peace, happiness and joy for life. It still surprises and amazes me everyday, how these natural techniques change lives.


With new knowledge & understanding, there is much you can do to improve your health & happiness. Without it, it can feel like you are stuck in a maze, with a dead end wherever you turn or a lifetime of medication!

All that is needed is an open curiosity & a willingness to look a little deeper.

Chronic stress, anxiety & unexplained symptoms affect everyone from parents, grandparents, young adults, teenagers to our children. It's time this changed.

When we learn what works, we bring that to our families & our children, inspiring a new way forward for furture generations, without the chronic symptoms of today!

Family at a Beach


It's a simple, very effective approach that can work for the whole family, building new foundations for health, happiness, peace & love, & changing patterns & beliefs that are passed down through families for generations.

It leads to more freedom in your mind, body & soul, greater connection to your intuition & greater trust & confidence in yourself.

 You can experience more fulfilling relationships with those around you, improved quality in your interactions & see yourself through new eyes.

You start a ripple that flows out to your families, communities, cultures & society as a whole.

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