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After a 20 year career as an Optometrist​, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, fatigue, arthritis and neuromas and was left struggling with constant agonising pain head to toe, chronic fatigue that felt like wearing a heavy lead suit, brain fog, blurred vision, muscle tremors, inability to sleep, sensitivity to light and sound and was left barely able to move or walk.

The medical profession could only give me medication for my symptoms, which I was unable to take, as they made me feel even worse.

I lived in fear and frustration as my health continued to deteriorate, feeling a failure, unable to be the Mum or person I wanted to be.


 My own medical training and that of the specialists I saw, did not help me and left me feeling helpless. I realised that there must be something vital missing and that I needed to find the underlying causes if I was to going to be able to completely recover and get my life back. 


Kuljit.K.Sehmi BSc(Hons)

Empowering transformation, hope & new possibilities

That's exactly what I set out to do and was able to reverse all my chronic symptoms without medication. I reclaimed my life and just 18 months after my lowest point, I climbed Mount Snowdon in Snowdonia, something I never imagined would be possible.

I gave up my career in Optometry and trained as a Wellbeing Coach, EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, TRE practitioner and Chrysalis Effect Specialist Practitioner in supported CFS/ME and Fibromyalgia recovery. What I learned and experienced through my own healing, changed everything! 

I now live a vibrant healthy, fun and fulfilling life that I love as a mentor, speaker, coach, educator and role model to my 3 children, empowering others to build new foundations for deep inner peace, love and joy in their lives, so that they can become who they were born to be.

My understanding of pain, symptoms and how our body works as a whole has completely changed. We are energetic in nature and imbalances in our energy can physically effect all the systems of our body. I follow the latest scientific research, continually learn and empower balancing and healing of your energetic systems for freedom in your mind, body and spirit at a deep inner level. Balance in our whole being  promotes self healing and recovery.

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