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Resolving the causes for long term relief

Transformations To Freedom

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When I started working with Kuljit I was in a bad way with severe fibromyalgia. I was hardly able to leave the house as I was in constant pain and I was exhausted, dizzy, nauseous and incredibly confused most of the time. I couldn't work and could just about look after my children. Most of the time they couldn't hug me or touch me as the pain was too much and it felt like it would be better for everyone if I wasn't around. Working with Kuljit completely changed all this and she made the whole process fun. If something isn't working she will find something that does.

After 6 months, my symptoms improved by over 90%. I am now walking every day for at least 15 minutes, I am back ready to work, my children and I are hugging and laughing together and I have reconnected with friends. I have cut down my medication from 9 tablets a day to just one and I am enjoying life - something I thought would never happen again.

The really great thing about all this is that Kuljit has trained me to do it for myself so that if any symptoms arise, I know what to do and how to keep healthy. To me, that is the sign of a wonderful practitioner and reflects Kuljit's desire to see her clients recover and stay healthy.


 I worked with Kuljit for 3 months and wow what a difference it made in such a short space of time!  When I met Kuljit I'd had CFS/ME for 14 years with a whole range of physical symptoms - the main ones being extreme fatigue, muscle pain and migraine.  My symptoms had increased with time and I had reduced work hours and very little life outside of work as most of this time was spent in bed.  I had tried various things over the years with little success so naturally I was a little hesitant to begin with, but at the same time determined to make a change.  I can say now that having these sessions with Kuljit as part of The Chrysallis Effect Programme really was the right thing for me at the right time and I am so glad that I found her.  This is the first time I have felt relief from my physical symptoms which has made such a difference to my life. Not only that but I have actually felt like myself again, like I have rediscovered the person who was previously buried under symptoms and illness. I have realised what is important to me and to listen to my body and this has made decision making so much easier! I already have so much more energy than I have had in many years and although I know complete recovery is a long road, I am now confident that it is totally possible.  Kuljit is incredibly kind, compassionate and really takes herself on the journey with you.  Our sessions were enjoyable and enlightening and she is a fantastic practitioner who seems to have all the time in the world for you.  I could not recommend her highly enough!                                                                                                                                                                                                Lucy

I've just spent 6 months working with Kuljit to recover from fibromyalgia. Wow. My symptoms including pain, immobility, fatigue, anxiety, depression and gut issues have reduced by 82% and I know full recovery is just around the corner. I feel blessed to have found Kuljit after years of trying and spending on all sorts of therapies and techniques to heal. Highly intuitive, skilled, knowledgeable and professional, Kuljit was able to zone into the root causes of the fibro and help me release the energetic blocks causing symptoms. I feel I have got my life back and I would highly recommend working with Kuljit to heal chronic conditions. Thank you!


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Before I began working with Kuljit, I was constantly exhausted, my whole body ached, my hands were stiff and painful so I kept dropping things, getting angry at myself for my limitations and had brain fog, waking up with a sense of doom.

Working with Kuljit has been life changing. She supported me as I worked through some really powerful emotional work and gave me tools to handle the resulting emotions both in our sessions and afterwards. Kuljit just radiates joy and warmth and exudes such a sense of fun. After 6 months I have made enormous progress and much of that is a result of Kuljit's simple suggestions to help me be much more aware of what my body is telling me. I no longer hold onto the wall walking up and down stairs and the pain in my feet has gone.  My regular sessions with Kuljit have underpinned my work with the Chrysalis Effect and my nutritionist. She has kept me motivated and helped me to escape from a place of feeling trapped in a job I loved and hated at the same time. My energy levels are still low, frustrating me enormously as I itch to move forward into my new life, but I know Kuljit will be there to help me with this too. The word Thank you is just not enough but thank you Kuljit.


"In just a few sessions I worked through so many different issues with Kuljit increasing my understanding and learning techniques I can use in the future From learning about the meaning behind my joint pain through to dealing with deeply buried life experiences that were holding me, back Kuljit's warm and empathetic manner guided me through every step of the way.  With Kuljit's continued support I can feel a change in myself which is helping me change my life for the better."


'' Before I met Kuljit, I experienced serious pains at the back of my head and in my lower right abdomen. These pains had been with me for more than 10 years and were becoming worse, especially when my stress increased. A good friend introduced me to Kuljit and in the beginning I really didn't know what to expect. All I wanted to do was to resolve my pain forever. I'm so happy I took 6 sessions with her, as after each session, I felt a shift in my body. Kuljit has a unique way of leading you to the cause of your pain, something I was unable to do myself and doctors had not been able to help me do.

I absolutely recommend Kuljit to anyone who has had pain for too long. She can help you release it. Special thanks to you Kuljit. You are a special soul! ''


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'' I have suffered with rheumatoid arthritis for the last 7 years including an inflamed ankle, wrist & knee. I was taking anti-inflammatory medication every day or alternate days. Kuljit introduced me to Lifewave patches. My ankle which hindered my walking is now completely free of pain and there is no heat or inflammation. This was after 2-3 weeks! As a result I have not needed my anti-inflammatory tablets since September 2013. My knee & wrist are getting better & the inflammation is reduced immensely. Best of all, I'm able to exercise without pain. As well as the patches, Kuljit has mentored me & provided support. Her expert guidance has simply transformed my life from agonising, debilitating arthritis to a pain free dream!!''


Conversation between Colleagues

Before I worked with Kuljit I felt stuck in my life – both my personal life and my professional life were affected. I knew something was holding me back but didn’t know how to work out what it was. Working with Kuljit has been a rollercoaster journey for me and interesting too. She is wonderful to work with and had a knack of helping me to work out what my blocks were and then she helped me to overcome them.  Since working together my overwhelm is less frequent and I feel I have more control over my life.  I actually have a better life work balance and my life wheel has certainly improved. Weirdly, I am now attracting the clients that I love to work with and my business is growing in the right direction whilst I am spending less time in it.  My personal life has improved too with certain things happening that in the past I could only dream of. These are all things that I had really wanted to make happen but for some reason they were out of my reach. Kuljit has helped me to reach them and to bring great change to my life and for that I can’t thank her enough.


" I am writing to give Kuljit the highest recommendation. I can honestly say that I have truly benefitted from the support, advice and especially the healing. The healing was so uplifting and I felt a huge weight had been lifted. I came to Kuljit with extreme anxiety and depression. I had been shut down for several years with grief. One particular session helped me release and let go of something I had been carrying for years. Kuljit allows you to talk freely, helping me to now see a way forward. Kuljit is an honest heart-filled lady who wants to help and support people. I cannot recommend her enough."


"I had suffered with shoulder pain for over 1 and a half years when I first asked Kuljit to help me. I had been to the doctors and my shoulder had been x-rayed and scanned. Nothing had shown up on these and I had been told that the pain must be wear and tear and old age. I saw Kuljit and she explained how trauma can get trapped and cause pain. She showed me how to meditate, breathe and ease the pain out of my shoulder. After the session my pain had eased dramatically. By continuing to do as Kuljit had explained, the pain has now completely disappeared and I have been symptom free for over 2 years.

I am very grateful to Kuljit as she achieved what the doctor could not."


Happy Senior Couple

"Kuljit has a very different approach and method to any kind of therapist I have seen before and I have to admit to some scepticism about how effective it could be.  However I committed to a course with an open mind and, after a roller-coaster ride of tears, laughter and virtually every other emotion, have come out the other end feeling so much more positive about work, home and the future.  I have also seen how all my adult life I had misread so much of what I experienced as a child and teenager.

Kuljit has an uncanny ability to genuinely feel your pain, your sadness, your torment, your joy and then guide you with true empathy into turning all those emotions into positive energy in your life.

 I have come away from my course of sessions with Kuljit feeling more positive, making plans for the future, understanding my past better and feeling genuinely more energetic both mentally and physically."                                                                                                                 Tony

" I have such an improved attitude to situations without me even thinking about it. It's only when I reflect, I notice (with pleasure) that my 'old habits' had miraculously changed! Even the words below don't fully express how things have altered for me.

My sessions with Kuljit have proved to be invaluable- she has an exceptional way of getting to the root cause of a problem. I had many 'light bulb' moments as she gently guided me to realisations about beliefs, attitudes, conditioning and thoughts that I held for years. Conducted in a professional, relaxed and supportive manner, my time with Kuljit has helped me reassess many aspects of my life and I now feel able to move forward."


Happy Couple

"Over many years I had come to believe that my life was what it was and nothing would really change it, however much I wished it could.   

I had tried hypnotherapy and kinesiology in the past and though these therapies had some benefit it was always short-lived.

Talking to Kuljit and being guided through visualisation and meditation, I gradually unburdened deep-rooted, painful memories and life experiences.  At times my sessions were distressing but the relief that came after was immense.  Today I am a different person.  I am calm, confident and positive and I know I have a brighter future to look forward to.  I could never have felt the way I do now without Kuljit's professional, caring and supportive approach. Kuljit is a remarkable practitioner and it has been a privilege to have her guide me through each session and help me become the person I am now. TRE is an amazing tool I have for the rest of my life."


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