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Recovery Through Transformation


Conversation with Love - Part 2

Conversation With Love (Part 2)

Sit quiet my love, you will hear me whisper

I'm here with you now, I'm not just a glimmer.

Come closer my love, come know me again

Together we're brighter and shine like the Sun.

I'll light you up and show you your truth

Come play with me now and walk your new path.

I will change your life, as you've never thought

Come closer to me and experience my light.

You're here for a reason, you matter to me

I'll show you the way, just follow me.

Come closer my love, I'm waiting for you

I'm waiting to show you the glory of you.

Come closer my love, I'm always with you

I bring a new way to love and be you.

Come closer my love, Come take my hand

Let's do this together, together we stand.

I'm here with you now, loving all that you are

I'm here with you now, knowing all you can be.

I know you completely, in every way

Compassion and grace are my middle names.

I know you in times that are dark and bleak

I know your strength as you continue in faith.

Come closer my love, let me show you my way

You'll be whole and complete for the rest of your days.

Come listen to me, there is more for you here

Whole and complete forever with me.

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