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Recovery Through Transformation


Poem - A Conversation With Love Part 1

This seemed to flow through me. It's the first poem I've ever written. Does it resonate with you?


I have loved through strength and sacrifice

I have loved through pleasing and for my life.

These are just some of the ways that I have loved

It was always for others and never for me.

Something was missing, it wasn't whole or complete

It was always for others, what about me?

Through illness and pain, my inner yearnings were heard

I started to find the parts that needed my love.

With nurture and comfort, I fulfilled their needs

They started to flourish and come back to life.

I found a love I had never known

It opened me up within and without.

A love for me, just as I am

A love so pure, a stranger to me.

This love was powerful and new at first

It took some getting used to, as it opened me up.

It gave me courage and strength just to be

It lit me up and set me free.

This love fills you up, changes how you feel

As you begin to see you, completely anew.

It gives you all you will ever need

This love that is you, that loves all you are.

If you haven't yet looked for this love inside

Sit quietly now and listen a while.

You will find it within, nowhere outside

It will come to you here and make you smile.

This love that is whole, what is it you ask?

It's your undying truth, the eternal you.

It brings joy, peace and light to all that you do

It never abandons, is always there with you.

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