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Recovery Through Transformation


A New Pain Perspective

Our health is a reflection of the whole of us i.e our mind, body and spirit. We cannot separate them because they are interconnected and energy flows between them. Our physical body hears what our mind is saying. Revolutionary science reveals that there are many processes that go on automatically within our bodies. Some of these are our neural or nerve systems, our chemical systems and our energy systems. These are completely inter-connected and inter-related and so each system affects the other.

So our health encompasses all that we think, all that we feel and all that we do.Harvard doctors have shown that 50 - 70% of all illness has a mental or emotional cause. In my experience the figure is much higher.

Pain is actually our protective mechanism or our guidance system, that keeps us safe and healthy. It is actually necessary and without it we would find it difficult to survive. Would we even know that we were having a heart attack if we didn't feel pain? Without pain we wouldn't know if anything was wrong inside our own bodies.


When I eventually grasped this, it completely changed the way I felt about my own pain. Just imagine if you could follow the signs from your body to get to the root cause of your pain and know that you could resolve it. How empowered would you feel about your health?

My vision is to have a healthcare system that empowers you about your health instead of you handing over all responsibility to health practitioners , so that you are effectively helpless and a victim of your illness..After all, only you know what you really feel and think and so are best placed to know what is best for you, after considering all the advice you are given.

I believe that we should all have a choice as to whether we work in harmony with our bodies or whether we follow the current medical system, just because we have always done it this way.

There are now millions of people suffering life sentences living with chronic pain every single day and the medical profession cannot cure them.It is only by looking at the root causes and changing our perspectives that we can reverse these conditions. Complete cure is absolutely possible and I am just one living example,(one of many), that have completely recovered from these allegedly "incurable" conditions.

What would you choose?;

  • Working in balance with your body for complete recovery

  • Taking medication for life and living a life sentence of chronic pain and struggle.

REMEMBER, you always have a choice.

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