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  Natural Release of Chronic Pain, Stress & Anxiety

Award Winning  Fibromyalgia & CFS/ME Specialist Recovery Practitioner

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  • Do you silence your own voice?

  • Do you feel lost in your symptoms not knowing what to do? 

  • Do you put the needs and feelings of others before your own ?

  • Do you want things to change but don't know where to start?

  • Are you feeling unfulfilled and think there must be more to life ? 

  • Do you keep going being 'the strong one'  but struggle inside?

  • You will at some point in your life experience unexplained symptoms that become chronic.

You may not yet realise that all the above affect your health and wellbeing on a cellular and energetic level. Your symptoms are your body's communication that things need to change for you. Your health is a reflection of your life and your body is guiding you to a happier, healthier life of greater fun, freedom and fulfillment. 

You are born to be the CENTRE of your life and to find a BALANCE that makes you happy. Empower yourself today and find the missing pieces that may be locking in your unexplained symptoms. It's really isn't a mystery. It is only misunderstood & overlooked!

 I will empower you to transform how you feel and think and embrace who you are, on a deep inner level,  It was my enlightening adventure through  chronic illness that opened the doorway for me to a life I was born to live. This exciting adventure is your opportunity to become the centre of your life & to start anew. 

Climbing Your Mountain to Recovery

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