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Recovery Through Transformation


My Personal Journey through Fibromyalgia

My healing from 5 years of fibromyalgia, began with a decision to take responsibility for my own health. I had to go through much frustration,struggle and disappointment and had to completely change my beliefs and perspectives about life.

Time and time again my beliefs were challenged within the medical profession. What I had learnt and seen about how things should be, for me proved to be wrong. The medical profession just couldn't help me and provided me with no support at all.

When we are ill, we assume that once the condition is diagnosed, doctors, consultants and specialists will treat us and we will get better. When I was told that there is no cure for fibromyalgia because the cause isn't known, it was a devastating blow. I felt completely lost. The very people I had depended on to cure me could not help. They could only give me a cocktail of strong medication to try and reduce my symptoms but they could not get to the root cause of the problem. This was not really something I wanted to hear, when I was struggling with agonising pain and a myriad of other symptoms which were making life unbearable.

"There had to be another way and and I was going to search until I found it."

It seemed that no conventional treatments were going to work for me and so I had two choices. To resign myself to a life sentence of pain and suffering or to find another way. That was my first decision towards my healing. There had to be another way and I was going to search untilI found it, whatever it turned out to be. This is when my research into what pain actually is and the real causes of pain began. It lead me on a path of tremendous learning, growth and liberation.

As I put my knowledge of balancing my energy into action, the miraculous happened. I began to improve and my symptoms reduced until I was completely cured without taking any medication. I had to release many energy blocks of emotions I had surpressed, denied and neglected. I had to acknowledge these and accept them. I had to accept all of me and slowly but surely it felt as if a weight had been lifted from me. This inspired me further, to go deeper and I came to know peace, contentment and freedom. It was as if I was taking down walls that had trapped me and kept me constricted.

"Our mind, beliefs and thoughts are powerful sources of energy and once we learn to know them, we become our true selves and finally experience true freedom."

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