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Recovery Through Transformation


Transform and Flow

Everything is energy and all energy wants to flow. We see it all around us in nature, on the Earth that we walk and in the planets and the stars above. It is actually how we relate to each other and the world around us, and it is how our cells relate to each other inside our bodies.

The main principles used in holistic healing are actually principles of quantum physics:

  • Energy cannot be destroyed or created. It can only be transformed

  • All energy wants to flow

  • We are all connected

We are only now beginning to relate these truths to ourselves and our mind, body and spirit. Science has now validated the wisdom of ancient cultures and revolutionary new knowledge is being revealed at the frontiers of science. New awareness is shattering the foundations of what we thought to be true.

As science is pushing forward the frontiers of new possibilities, it has become possible for each person to become aware that they are so much more than they realise. We can now learn to tap into the extraordinary, innate power that exists within us and all around us.

It is only when the energy flow within the body gets blocked, stuck or disrupted that we experience physical pain and chronic illness.

Holistic healing reveals awareness of this energy disruption and allows you to address the root causes of your health challenges, something conventional medicine, especially for chronic condtions does not do.

We are all living in an extraordinary period in history full of new possibilities. What new awarenesses and possibilities will we be open to?

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