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Recovery Through Transformation


The Surprising Power of a Hug

The power of a hug is so very surprising. It is a deep communication without the need for words and can affect us in many ways.

A hug shows you that you are cared for and that someone is fully present with you, giving you all their attention. It helps you express affection, gratitude, love, compassion, intimacy. It gives a sense of community and connection through touch, but so much more than that, it can make you feel worthwhile, needed and appreciated.

-Photography by Ray Morris-

Hugs fulfill a basic human need and express so much more than words. They can make relationships and bonds stronger between friends, family and even strangers. They can bring us peace and dispel loneliness and isolation.

Hugs actually cause physiological and biochemical changes in your body helping you feel more relaxed and release tightness, tension and stress. They can actually affect both the giver and receiver of the hug on many levels; physically, emotionally, mentally and even spiritually.

We can often underestimate the power of a hug because it is such a simple, genuine gesture. It really is true sacred simplicity.

Who will you hug today to spread the surprising power of a simple hug?

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